Customized Nets For Telecom Antenna

Customized Nets For Telecom Antenna
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Customized Nets For Telecom Antenna

We supply not only wires but also finished nets made to order.


Nets for telecommunication antennas on different frequency bands are woven in various patterns. We can make to your designs, and the following typical nets have been developed with different composite wires and patterns for specified radio frequency and applications. Should you have any enquiry, please contact us. 

We produce high-performance metal mesh which adopt ultra thin composite metal wires or high-standard metal wires to make various hole size, area density and tension performance in advanced weaving techniques. Our products can be customized in various materials according to the customers requirements, like gold coated tungsten wire mesh, molybdenum wire mesh, special stainless steel wire mesh,etc.

If you want to know more details about our advanced metal mesh,please do not hesitate to contact us.