Celebrate For The Third 'China Aerospace Day'

    On April 24,  the third  "China Aerospace Day",  around the theme of "build  new era for space",Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industrial Base civilization's office and  CAST XI'AN  jointly organized series of activities which stimulate the attention and the love of the public for space.

   Space experts of CAST XI'AN had a popular science class called "look up at skys on the ground" for citizens.   

   Through experiments and vivid stories, we can understand why satellites can fly in the space, how satellites are made, and what kind of psychological qualities the astronauts have.

   In addition to the popular science class, the popular science exhibition hall of CAST XI'AN also opened to the citizens. Under the guidance of the instructors,models of dozens of satellites and spacecraft had been seen in the hall, such as the east red one, Tiangong-1, Chang'e 1, Shenzhou and so on, which have successfully completed their mission in different periods.