6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna operating process

The operating process of 6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna from collected status to working status is as followed:

 1)、(the vehicle-borne 6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna)arrive at the destination ;

 2)、open push-pull paulin automatically

 3)、take out the support leg liner from the accessory case, raise the support leg; 

4)、take out the cable from the accessory case, connect the cables;  

5)、raise lightning-protection shaft(when necessary);

6)、unlock the release mechanism;

7)、unscrew elevating subsiding machine locking nut;

8)、pull out elevation and azimuth stop pin on rotary table to unlock;

9)、press ON of switch box;

 10)、press F2shortcut menu】→【one button to workon ACU;

    11)、6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna start working.

After above operation, 6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna start raising rotary table, elevation rotary table will point to the sky .then, the antenna will unfold and point to the satellite automatically. Finally, the 6.2m ultra-portable rib antenna will search aim satellite and stop after locking the satellite to fulfill the “work by one button function”.