0.6m Manual Flyaway Antenna

0.6m Manual Flyaway Antenna
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0.6m Manual Flyaway Antenna

Xi'an Space Star Technology (Group) Corporation is one of the most famous 0.6m manual flyaway antenna manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to import carbon fiber and hi-tech 0.6m manual flyaway antenna for sale from us.

Antenna features
●packing in one air-checkable case that can take by one person after three anti-treatment processing, it make sure antenna can work in hostile environment.
●Antenna system are including enormous systems, such as GPS systems, location system, polarization adjustment system ,servo drive system, auto-protect system, beacon receiver system, antenna controller, intelligent control manage system and so on.
●One button to satellite acquisition, auto-deploy and auto-stow in less 3 minutes.


Space star also sell Antenna feed(including cassegrain feed),offset reflector and antenna mount etc. separately.

If you are interested in our products ,please do not hesitate to contact us.

(E-mail: info@satgroundapplication.com)