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XI’AN SPACE STAR TECHNOLOGY (GROUP)CO.,LTD is one of the most famous satellite dish antenna, Earth Station antenna,flyaway antenna,drive-away antenna,SNG antenna,SOTM antenna,New-tech Coated Ultra Thin Tungsten And Molybdenum Wire,Customized Nets For Telecom Antenna, panel antenna, satellite equipment, broadcast antenna,Satellite Dish Antenna Manufacturers and Suppliers,welcome to import carbon fiber and hi-tech satellite dish antenna for sale...

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1 、 Main performance 6.2m ultra-portable rib Ku-Gka type vehicle-mounted satellite communication antenna system aim at all kinds of emergency communication support tasks, mainly equipped with motor transport, one button to unfold ,one button to collect, one button to follow the satellite ,ku...

  • [[6.2m Ultra-portable Rib deployable  vehicle Antenna]]
  • [[6.2m earth station antenna,6.2m motorized,linear/circular...]]
  • [[1.8m Inflatable Portable Antenna/military inflatables sat...]]
  • [[Customized Nets For Telecom Antenna]]
  • [[New-tech Coated Ultra Thin composite metal wire]]
  • [[0.8m Ku Band Land VSAT]]


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